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Core Values

DOC is... DRIVEN to provide unconditional service, choosing to OPERATE with the highest integrity, while demonstrating unparalleled COMMITMENT to our customers, community, and one another.


Service Excellence

We exist to provide our customers with quality service solutions that consistently exceed expectations. Daily we strive to provide inspiring results through relevant customer objectives, positive service experiences, and collaborative relationships. Our goal is achievement of our customers’ goals.


Uncompromising Integrity

We believe that character matters. Therefore we will continuously pursue open, honest, and trustworthy relationships with our customers and one another.


Embrace Diversity

We respect each member of our family, valuing the richness and depth of experiences, talents, skills, and worldview that each person brings to the workplace.


Continuous Improvement

We commit ourselves to lifelong learning and getting better every day. We applaud intelligent risk taking in the workplace, celebrating creativity revealed while pursuing improvements to our business.


Personal Ownership

We accept individual responsibility for our job performance, behavior, and results, understanding the unique role we each play in the corporate success we achieve.


Giving Back

We do not operate in isolation, but acknowledge and care about the communities around us. We choose to invest in these communities where we work and live, making them better through strategic partnerships, selfless service, and charity.


Team First

We work together, realizing our strength and competitive advantage flows from the collaborative efforts of our people. We will foster an environment that rewards commitment, performance, and is responsive to employee needs. We succeed as a team.

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