Powering Reliability for Your Key Equipment

Software-driven equipment has changed the way you work. Still, one thing remains the same — downtime is a nightmare. Rely on our expert technicians to support your lifts, jacks, carts, carousels, cutters, and more. Over our 35+ years in the industry we’ve adapted to the changes in the industry; we can maintain and repair your powered equipment efficiently and effectively.

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Safety-Trained Maintenance Technicians

Innovative Data Systems

Expedited Equipment Repair

Prioritize Preventative Maintenance

Precision Matters with Electro-Mechanics

DOC Services is a powerful problem-solving partner when it comes to maintaining and servicing your automated or electromechanical equipment. 

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These Stats Tell The Story

We Know Your Equipment

150+ Brands

Leading Electro-Mechanical Brands

Over 100+

Types of Equipment Serviced 

100,000+ Hours

Increased client Uptime Per Month

Our Experience

Blind Cutters
Mobility Carts
Panel Saw
Saws & Lathes
Pipe Threader
Shelf Cutter
Glass Cutters
Insulation Blowers
Carpet Cutters
Banding Machines

Human Help for Digital-Driven Equipment

Cost-effective and efficient maintenance and service from top-notch technicians with a problem-solving bent.

Our safety-trained, skilled maintenance technicians help you improve electro-mechanical asset performance to drive optimal production output. DOC Services also has innovative data systems in place to help predict equipment failures or part breakdowns and support preventative maintenance efforts.