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Asset Management

Visibility Into Equipment Lifecycle

Maintenance Scheduling
Budget Planning
Proactively Plan For Maintenance

Asset data is extremely important to maintenance scheduling and budget planning. DOC Services offers systematic asset management to help you know where your assets are as well as the service history, age, costs and more. Keep track of your equipment for record purposes and to proactively plan for maintenance and replacement after life cycle.

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Effectively Track

Manage All Assets

DOC Services provides asset tracking and management with data insights including quantity, make, model, serial number, installation date, warranty period, age, hours and location address. Our reliable data records drive success for our technicians and your team too. The more you know, the better you can plan capital expenditures and act proactively to prevent downtime.

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Better Data

Means Better Management

We have successfully tagged over 90,000 pieces of equipment for partner record tracking and client computerized maintenance management system use. Whether its QR code or bar code, our technicians know firsthand the benefits of asset data gathering to better manage assets, schedule maintenance, track word orders, and plan for equipment retirement.

See what our newest innovation, the Data Tracker, can do. It works by capturing equipment usage and reports the analytics through a single source portal by equipment and location.

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Data-Driven Best Practices

DOC Services gathers and manages maintenance and other equipment data to maximize results.

Leverage DOC Services’ extensive data gathering capabilities to manage assets following industry best practices. Know equipment details, track work orders, and see service history. Our extensive system offers real insights into equipment across your organization or you can drill down into a specific asset at a particular location.