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Healthcare professionals are focused on evidence-based practices today. DOC does the same with break-fix repairs, planned maintenance, total cost of ownership programs, and inventory management. Drawing on 35+ years experience, DOC’s manufacturer-certified technicians know what works and how to care for your electro-mechanical and machinery needs.

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Our 24/7/365 customer support quickly dispatches thoroughly trained technicians to keep your mission-critical equipment in optimal condition. Partner with us also for installation, preventative maintenance, retrofits, and legacy equipment retirement.

Our National Team of Technicians Installs, Services + Maintains:

Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Industrial Cleaning
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HVACR Equipment & Systems
HVACR Equipment & Systems
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DOC Offers EHRs for Your Equipment

DOC knows healthcare equipment. It’s in our name.

Just as your record-keeping has gone electronic, DOC Services digitally documents all processes for full visibility into response time, total time completion, first trip completion, and average invoice cost. Leverage our data on repair type, parts usage, equipment age, and machine condition to better understand your total cost of ownership. We can also share data insights to continuously assess inventory levels and support preventative maintenance efforts.